Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Raising Girls

We recently watched a speech by Voddie Baucham called "Getting Your House in Order."  He introduced a concept that we had never considered before, but is absolutely true: as a society, we are raising our girls to become men

When Adam and Eve sinned, Adam/man was cursed with hard work, while Eve/woman was cursed with painful childbirth.  Now, however, women are carrying both curses!  We are training our girls to pursue a career outside the home, leaving their children to be raised by someone else.  I want better for my daughters! I want to give them the gift of allowing them to be what God created them to be. 

Please consider whether you could possibly quit working outside the home and stay home for your children, to homeschool them yourself and train them to be the women, wives and mothers, that God designed them to be.  It would be a blessing beyond compare.  It has been for us!

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